Student's Grievance Redressal Cell


To look into and redress the academic and non-academic grievances of students.


Every grievance of the students that the college can reasonably deal with.

Student(s) may call for a meeting of the cell only after having made a reasonable attempt to resolve the grievance with the relevant authority and wherein such grievance was not resolved or dealt with in a reasonable time period.

Student(s) may also call for a meeting of the cell, wherein the student feels that reporting a grievance to the relevant authority could have an adverse impact on the student or could possibly comprise his/her/their security.


  • A student or a group of students seeking help of the cell shall submit an application to the Chairperson requesting to hold a meeting with the cell. The student(s) is/are advised not to mention anything about the grievance in the application to preclude leakage of information.
  • The Chairperson, through the secretary, shall promptly notify all the members of the cell and the concerned student(s) - in writing - of the timing and venue - to convene a meeting with the student(s) to hear his/her/their case. The Secretary shall make sure that such meeting takes place by the end of the next working day after the submission of application.
  • The minutes of the meeting shall be prepared by the Secretary and is to be signed by all the members present in the meeting (including the Secretary) and the student(s).
  • The cell shall make sure that the grievance has been redressed in reasonable time period or in cases where the cell is unable to redress the grievance, provide a reasonable explanation to the student(s) for its inability to resolve the same.

In case the Chairperson is absent, student(s) is/are advised to submit an application directly to the Secretary.