Completed Research Psychiatry


Sl. No. Title of Research/Publication Name & Designation Details of Journal
1 Stress and Coping in Parents of Children with Mental Retardation Dr. Priyadarshee Patra, Dr. Jyoti Prakash, Dr. Balaram Patra Published in Delhi Psychiatry Journal (Delhi Psychiatry Society), Vol. 19, No. 1, April 2016, P-120-126, ISSN 0971-9571, Indexed in Index Medicus
2 Parenting styles in schizophrenia Patients – A case control study Dr. Arati Shivahare, Dr. Balaram Patra Published in Global Journal for Research Analysis, Volume-6, Issue-3, March-2017, ISSN No. 2277-8160, P-601-603 Indexed in Index Copernicus
3 Clinico-Psycho-Social profile of patients brought under consultation liaison psychiatry care in a large tertiary care referral hospital Dr. P. Patra, Dr. Divinakumar KJ, Dr. Prakash J, Dr. B. Patra, Dr. R. Chakraborty Accepted for publication in Industrial Psychiatry Journal dated April 3, 2017