Completed Research Surgery


Sl. No. Title of Research/Publication Name & Designation Details of Journal
1Isolated Abdominal Wall Actinomycosis after HysterectomyDr. M. Arif, Professor; Dr. Manish, Assist. Prof.Surgical Infections. June 2014, 15(3): 347-348
2Salivary Duct Carcinoma of Parotid: A rare Aggressive TumourDr. Shahnawaz Muslim, Assist. Prof.; Dr. Izhar Alam, Assist. Prof.; Dr. Geeta Prasad, Junior Resident; Dr. Mohammad Arif, ProfessorIndian Medical Journal, December 2014 (Annexure), Vol. 108, No. 12, P 747(A)-748(A)
3Glomus Tumor of FaceDr. Shahnawaz Muslim, Assist. Prof.; Dr. Tushar Singh, Junior Resident; Dr. Rajesh Kumar, Assoc. Prof.; Dr. M Arif, ProfessorJournal of Case Reports, Vol. 4, No. 2, July-December 2014, Pp 443-445
4Generalized peritonitis secondary to typhoid ileal perforation: Assessment of severity using modified apache II scoreDr. Amzad Zia Mallik, Assoc, ProfAccepted for Publication in Indian Medical Journal IMJ(NIC/BID/ICMR/JR/233 dt 14.12.12 INDEX MEDICUS by NIC, New Delhi, Govt. Of India vide letter no. 999 f/2015 dated 04-06-2015
5Observation of Postcholecystectomy syndrome after Laparoscopic CholecystectomyDr. Amzad Zia Mallik, Dr. M. Arif AnsariPublication in Indian Medical Journal October 2015, Vol. 109, No. 10, Page-24-25
6Role of laparoscopy in diagnosing of chronic abdominal pain and massesDr. Amzad Zia Mallik, Dr. Md. Shakeb AhmadPublication in Indian Medical Journal October 2015, Vol. 109, No. 10, Page-30-32
7Clinico-Anatomical Study of Variations in Arterial Supply of Adult Human StomachDr. Saif Omar, Dr. Md. Shakeb Ahmad, Dr. Nafees Fatima, Dr. Md. Arif Ansari Published in International Journal of Anatomy and Research-31.01.2015; Volume-3 (1): 821-24, ISSN 2321-4287
8Causes, Evaluation and Surgical management of mechanical small bowel obstructionDr. Md. Shakeb Ahmad, Dr. Saif Omar, Dr. Amjad Zia Mallik, Dr. Md. Arif AnsariPublished in International Surgery Journal Year 2015, Vol-2, Issue-4, Page-1-4, pISSN 2349-3305, eISSN 2349-2902
9Intestinal Tuberculosis: Experience with Mode of presentation and Epidemiological Profile at a Tertiary Care Centre in Eastern BiharDr. Khwaja Nasim Ahmad, Dr. Prince Pankaj, Deepak Pankaj, Sweta MuniIJSS Journal of Surgery, November-December 2015, Volume 1, Issue 6, Page 1 to 6; ISSN 2395-1893
10Benign Breast Lesions in a Teaching Hospital in Rural BiharDr. Shambhu Kumar Singh, Khwaja Nasim Ahmad, Deepak Pankaj, Mohammad Arif AnsariAccepted for publication in IJSS Journal of Surgery ISSN 2395-1893 dated 9th November 2015
11Clinical presentation and bacteriological profile of diabetic foot in Eastern Bihar, IndiaDeepak Pankaj, Sweta Muni, Indudhar Narayan Jha, Alka KumariInternational Journal of Research in Medical Sciences, 2015 Nov; 3(11): 3058-3064, pISSN 2320-6071; eISSN 2320-6012
12Different Surgical Options and ileostomy in Typhoid PerforationDr. Amjaz Zia Mallik, Dr. Md. Shamim AliPublished in Indian Medical Journal; august 2015, Vol. 109, No.8, Page
13Surgical Management of Cases Presenting with Diabetic Foot in Kosi Region of BiharDr. Deepak Pankaj, Dr. Mohammed Shamim AliPublished in IJSS Journal of Surgery, July-August-2015, Volume 1, Issue 4, Page 1 to 6; ISSN 2395-1893
14GERD Symptoms Associated with Open Versus Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy: A Comparative StudyDr. Shamim Ali, Dr. Deepak Pankaj, Dr. Amjad Zia Mallik, Dr. Manish AnandPublished in Indian Medical Journal; January 2016 (Annexure), Vol. 110, No.1, Page 121(A)-122(A)
15Experience with surgical management of intestinal tuberculosis at a rural teaching hospitalDr. Momammed Shamim Ali, Dr. Prince Pankaj, Dr. Deepak Pankaj, Dr. Sweta MuniPublished in International Journal of Research in Medical Sciences, February 2016,b Vol. 4, Issue-2, Page-633-638, pISSN: 2320-6071, eISSN-2320-6012