Adequate space for accommodation of patients, students, teachings, for clinical work done by postgraduate students, provision for separate arrangement of faculty members, independent working space for the steno-typist, departmental record room, stores, on duty medical officers and teaching faculties restroom during emergency services.

Service Laboratory

  • Routine investigation of Urine & blood
  • Blood for emergency screening
  • ABG
  • Microscopic examination for CBC & malarial parasite
  • ECG & Nebulizer

Day Clinics

  • OPD hours: 9am to 2pm on all working days
  • Emergency admission and patient care services run round the clock.

Special Clinics

The following four clinics in a week:

  • Hypertension clinics
  • Diabetic clinic
  • Nephrology clinic
  • Neurology clinic

Facilities for teaching

Special Instruments

  • Endoscopy
  • TMT test
  • EEG
  • Echocardiography
  • ABG machine
  • Ventilator
  • Defibrillator
  • Dialysis

Other Activities

  • Seminar : Seminars in this department is held once in a week as routine procedure followed from beginning of P.G. courses.
  • Journal Club Weekly : Journal review on topics of interest and recent publication by postgraduate students before senior faculty members
  • Group discussion Unit wise group discussion on cases of clinical interest
  • Other Inter departmental seminar on common topics related to allied departments in presence of senior faculty members of all departments and presentation & intercollege quiz.
  • Postgraduate students presented research papers in state conferences.
  • Postgraduate students have also presented research papers in API.
  • Departmental research paper has been published in medicine update.

Other Academic Activities

  • Inter & intra-departmental seminars.
  • Debates & Quizzes.
  • Participation in CME programme organized by medical unit as per MCI rule
  • Participation in workshops & seminars organized by API

Departmental Library

The library is well-stocked with books and journals of medicine specialties of which 60% of all journals are national and 40% are international journals.

Other Information's

Round-the-clock cost effective treatment is being offered to patients attending the institute in Indoor,OPD, ICU & in Dialysis units.