The department has a 66 bed facility for General Paediatrics, an 10 bed Paediatrics Intensive Care Unit (PICU) and an 8-bed Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). An isolation ward is available for care of infectious patients. The department is equipped with incubators, warmers, photo therapy units, bed- side monitors, ventilators, infusion and syringe pumps are available.

The department provides immunization services to the local children.

The department carries out camps in the neighbouring villages to emphasis prevention of diseases and to pick up sick children in their early phase of diseases.

The department has a well-stocked library which has over 190 reference, books and journals.

The following specialty clinics are run on the given days :
1 Paed.Cardiology Tuesday
2 Paed. Nephrology Monday
3 Paed. Endocrine Tuesday
4 Paed. Haematology Saturday
5 Paed.Gastro Friday
  Diarrohea All working days
6 Paed.Neurology Thursday
7 Neonatology Tuesday
  High Risk Newborn Tuesday & Friday
  Well baby clinic Mon & Thursday
8 Immunisation Mon & Thursday
9 Paed. Asthma Wednesday
10 Thalassemia Saturday