Sl.No. Departments No. of Ongoing Research Projects
01 Anatomy 04
02 Anaesthesiology 06
03 Biochemistry 01
04 Community Medicine 03
05 DVL 06
06 ENT 01
07 EYE 02
08 General Medicine 10
09 General Surgery 8
10 Microbiology 03
11 Obs & Gynae 13
12 Orthopaedics 08
13 Pediatrics 06
14 Pathology 02
15 Pharmacology 03
16 Physiology 03
17 Psychiatry 02
18 Radio-diagnosis 08
Total 89

Name of Principal Investigator Session / Year of commencement of Project Project Running / Final Title
Dr. Harsh Vardhan, Jr. Resident 2013 Determination of personl height from length of foot of medical students of Katihar Medical College, Karim Bagh, Katihar
Dr. Gyanendra Singh, Jr. Resident 2013 An observational study on the Anatomy of the extrahepatic biliary apparatus in people of Bihar
Dr. GhazalaPerween, Jr. Resident 2014 Ultrasoographic study of morphology of kidney in relation to age and sex in Koshi region of Bihar
Dr. Neha Singh, Jr. Resident 2014 A study of sexual dimorphism of the humerus
Dr. Khalid Hyder Kapra 2016 Comparative study of intravenous lignocaine (2%) & Intravenous esmolol in attenuation of haemodynamic response during Laryngoscopy and intubation under general Anaesthesia for major abdominal surgeries.
Dr. Md. Arshad Faiyaz 2016 A Comprative study of intravenous dexmedetomidine and midazolam for improvement in quality of spinal anaesthesia.
Dr. Chandra Bhushan Kumar 2018 Comparative study of intravenous lignocaine (2%) & Intravenous esmolol in attenuation of haemodynamic response during Laryngoscopy and intubation under general Anaesthesia for major abdominal surgeries.
Dr. Vikas Kumar Singh 2018 A Comprative study of intravenous dexmedetomidine and midazolam for improvement in quality of spinal anaesthesia.
Dr. Anjani Kumar Sharma 2019 A Comparative study of Esmolol and Nitroglycerine for controlled Hypotension in patients undergoing Tympanoplasty.
Dr. Adila Ali 2019 Comparative study of Intravenous Nalbuphine Versus Tramadol for operative analgesia in patients undergoing lower limb Surgery under Subarachnoid Block.
Dr. Niharika Dubey 2019 A Comparative study of Intrathecal Bupivacaine and Bupivacaine with Nalbuphine for lower Limb Major Orthopaedics Surgeries
Dr. Prem Anjan 2019 A Clinical Comparision between Bupivacaine 0.25% plus Dexamethasone 8 MG and Bupivacaine 0.25% alone in Branchial Plexus block by Supraclavicular approach.
Dr. Akriti Kumari 2016 Study of different biochemical parameters in neonatal convulsion
Community Medicine
Dr. Soni Rani 2016 Study of Socio-Medical profile of the Elderly people in an urban area of Katihar district with special reference to availability and utilization of Geriatric welfare services.
Dr. Urmi Poddar 2016 Study of prevalence of Hypertension and its Associated risk factors among adult tribal population (18 years and above) in a rural community of Katihar district, Bihar.
Dr. Abdur Rahman Al Adil 2016 Epidermiological study of hypertension amongst the geriatric population in a rural field practice area of Katihar Medical College, Katihar, Bihar.
Dr. Vishal Prasad 2017 A Study of prevalence of anemia and its associated factors among the adolescent girls in the rural field practice area of Katihar Medical College, Katihar, Bihar.
Dr. Kumar Himanshu 2017 Study of prevalence of Diabetes Mellitus Type 2 and impaired Glucose tolerance and associated risk factors among adults in the urban field practice area of Katihar Medical College, Katihar.
Dr. Ravi Prakash 2018 Study of health ststus and health seeking behavior among elderly population in rural field practice area of Katihar Medical College, Katihar
Dr. Danish Akhtar 2016 An evaluative study of acne vulgaris along with a correlationship study of female acne with androgenecity.
Dr. Talat Fatima 2016 Different aspects of psoriasis etiology and treatment.
Dr. Talat Fatima 2016 Different aspects of psoriasis etiology and treatment.
Dr. Priya Rajbansh 2017 Clinico – demographic study of patients with acanthosis nigricans.
Dr. Mamta Yadav 2017 A clinico – pathological study of facial hypermelanosis.
Dr. Ansari Rashid Shahid 2018 Clinicoepidemiological study of vitiligo and its correlation with thyroid profile
Dr. Rashmi Roy 2018 Study of various investigative modalities in establishing the cause of chronic urticaria.
Dr. Nadia Akram 2019 A Comparative study of safety and efficacy of oral low dose isotretinoin with Doxycycline in the treatment of moderate to severe Acne Vulgaris.
Dr. Nitin Krishna Patil 2019 A Clinico - Epidemilogical and Histopathological Correlation of Polymorphous light eruption.
Dr. Sanjay Kumar Mandal 2016 An observation on bacteriological flora of external auditory canal, middle ear and nasopharynx in case of active & inactive mucosal chronic otitis media.
Dr. Vinita Kumari 2019 “A Comparative study of Radiological Sinusitis with clinical Sinusitis” in north east region of Bihar.
Dr. Saba Eqbal 2018 HbA1C levels and its correlation in diabetic retinopathy
Dr. Prashant Dhand 2019 One year Cross Sectional study of relationship between Albumin urea and funds findings of Type- 2 diabetes Mellitus patients.
Dr. Prerna 2019 Correlation of Central Corneal thickness with intraocular pressure values in normal, Ocular Hypertentive and Glaucoma subjects
General Medicine
Dr. Farog Haidry 2016 Study of cardiovascular abnormalities in chronic kidney disease patients.
Dr. Manish Sharma 2016 Study of thyroid dysfunction in patients of metabolic syndrome in Kosi region.
Dr. Md. Tabrez Alam 2016 Level of C-Reactive protein in prognosis of acute coronary syndrome (Unstable Angina and Non ST elevation Myocardial Infarction).
Dr. Raghib Hasan 2016 Glycosylated hemoglobin and left ventricular diastolic dysfunction in type 2 diabetes mellitus patients.
Dr. Usman Rasool 2016 Left ventricular diastolic diatolic dysfunction in patients of primary Hypothyroidism before and after L-Thyroxine therapy.
Dr. Shaikh Mohammed Ashique 2018 Hypertention induced left ventricular hypertrophy with correlation between ECG and Echocardiography
Dr. Nishant Upadhyay 2018 Correlation between C reactive protein and glycemic control in adult patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus attending Katihar Medical College and Hospital.
Dr. Rakesh Raushan 2018 To study the role of altered lipid profile and other associated risk factors in ischemic stroke in Kosi region
Dr. Ahmad Faraz 2018 A comparative study of metabolic syndrome among Diabetics and non Diabetics
Dr. Rahul Kumar 2018 Pulmonary function test abnormality in patients of metabolic syndrome admitted in KMCH.
Dr. Sachin 2019 Efficacy and safety of Empagliflozin in patients with type 2 Diabetes mellitus Inadequately controlled on triple drug Therapy
Dr. Vikrant Kumar 2019 Microalbuminuria and its significance in vascular complications in Diabetic patients receiving oral hypoglycemic Drugs in Kosi Region.
Dr. Prashant Pathak 2019 A study of Electrocardiographic and Echocardiographic changes in patients with chronic Kidney disease.
Dr. Md Zamin Ahsan 2019 To study the effects of comparison of Insulin Plus OHA versus combination of OHA alone in type 2 Diabetes Mellitus.
Dr. Keshav Kumar 2019 A study on Serum Vitamin D levels in acute Coronary Syndrome.
General Surgery
Dr. Nadia Hasin 2016 Observation on factors affecting the prognosis of the diabetic foot ulcer
Dr. Md. Abdur Rahman 2016 Epidemilogical study of Urolithiasis with special reference to its Chemical Nature.
Dr. Sohail Anwar Azmi 2016 A clinical study of Fistula in ANO and Analysis of treatment Modalities .
Dr. Yasir Tajdar 2016 Surgical Management of Haemorrhoids-A Prospective study of Milligan -Morgan vs ferguson Haemorrhoidectomy .
Dr. Kumari Ekita 2017 Observation on factors affecting the prognosis of the diabetic foot ulcer
Dr. Amit Kumar Gupta 2017 Epidemilogical study of Urolithiasis with special reference to its Chemical Nature.
Dr. Saumya Sinha 2018 A clinical study of Fistula in ANO and Analysis of treatment Modalities .
Dr. Sukesh Kumar 2018 Surgical Management of Haemorrhoids-A Prospective study of Milligan -Morgan vs ferguson Haemorrhoidectomy .
Dr. Tuba Yazdani 2019 Randomised, Prospective, Comprision of Laparoscopic Versus Mini Cholecystectomy.
Dr. Sunil Kumar 2019 A Study of incidence and causes of conversion of Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy to open cholecystectomy.
Dr. Shashank Saurav 2019 A Prospective and Observational study of effect of Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy on operability of the Tumor mass and Axillary Lymph node status in Locally Advanced Breast cancer.
Dr. Ankita Sharma 2019 A Study of Surgical presentations of intra abdominal Hydatid and its management.
Dr. Nafisa Rahman 2016 Comparison of lysis centrifugation method with conventional blood culture method in cases of septisemia in a tertiary care hospital.
Dr. Shreshy Singh 2017 Utility of rapid diagnostic tests for detection of malarial antigen and their comparison with peripheral blood smear examination.
Dr. Jyoti Rajowar 2018 Antimicrobial resistance in urinary isolates of escherichia coli with special reference to fluoroquinolone resistance and ESBL production
Dr. Priya Singh 2018 Bacteriological profile of the organism isolated from patients With conjunctivitis in Katihar, Bihar.
Obstetrics & Gynaecology
Dr. Priyanka 2016 Antenatal Screening of Gestational diabetes & pregnancy outcom.
Dr. Najmun Nisha 2016 Study of excessive gestational weight gain and its association with maternal and perinatal outcomes.
Dr. Fauzia Shafi 2016 A comparitive study of prostaglandins (Intravaginal PGE 1 & Intracervical PGE2)with oxytocin infusion for induction of labor.
Dr. Gauri Rani 2016 Maternal and Fetaloutcome in high risk Pregnancy.
Dr. Poonam Kumari 2017 “A Comparative study of active VS expectant management of pre- mature rupture of membranes at term pregnancy”
Dr. Shazia Iqbal 2017 Study of prevalence of thyroid dysfunction in pregnancy among the Indian women.
Dr. Rashmi Sinha 2017 A Cross Sectional study to determine the effect of Oligohydrominos at term on the perinatal and maternal outcome.
Dr. Prachi 2017 Clinical Significance of Ultrasonic placental grading during third trimester in hypertensive disorders in pregnancy and its correlation with fetal outcome.
Dr. Bhagyashree 2018 Comparison of Therapeutic effect of labetalol with other anti- hypertensives in control of P.I.H. (pregnancy induced hypertention)
Dr. Shilpi Chowdhury 2018 Placental Morphology in hypertensive disorder of pregnancy and its correlation with foetal outcome.
Dr. Shabnam Phuleman 2018 Intrapartum fetal monitoring by external cardiotocography in high risk cases
Dr. Shaesta Iqbal 2018 Effect of intravenous tranexamic acid administration on blood loss during and after caesarean . Delivery: A prospective randomised study.
Dr. Soumya 2019 Clinical study of maternal and fetal outcome in Abruptio Placentae
Dr. Faraha Deeba Fatima 2019 Evaluation of labour progress and Delivery outcome using modified who Partograph.
Dr. Anupriya 2019 A study of Maternal Morbidity, Mortality and perinatal outcome in patients undergoing elective or emergency Caesarean section.
Dr. Nitu Bharti 2019 Comparative study of low dose magnesium sulphate regimen and Pritchard's Regimen in the management of Eclampsia and imminent Eclampsia.
Dr. Rafia Gul 2019 Efficacy of progestins in the treatment of functional ovarian cysts
Dr. Syed Tabish Areeb Rahman 2016 Cemented bipolar VS cemented modular prosthesis a comparative study of clinical outcome.
Dr. Vishal Prakash 2016 Comparative study of outcome of treatment of traumatic paraplegia by hartshill fixation vs pedicle screw fixation.
Dr. Shanawaz Hussain 2016 Comparative study between universal interlocking nailing and locking DCP in tibial diaphyseal fratures.
Dr. Aditya Kumar 2017 Functional outcome of intra articular fracture of distal end of radius treated by open reduction and internal fixation with locking distal radius system.
Dr. Sanjiv Kumar 2018 Arthroscopic Reconstruction of anterior cruciate ligament using semitendinous & gracilis tendon autograft.
Dr. Md. Azfar Nawaz 2018 Role of arthroscopy in osetoarthritis of knee joint.
Dr. Shahnawaz Ali 2018 Role of fibular osteotomy in medial compartment.
Dr. Himanshu Kumar Hemant 2019 Comparative study of functional outcome of Dynamic compression planting with interlocking nailing for fracture shaft of humerus in adult.
Dr. Sharaf Alam 2019 Fluoroscopically guided epidural steroid injection in the management of low back pain
Dr. Rishab Dubey 2019 Idiopathic clubfoot by ponseti method
Dr. Md Zeeshan Jawed 2019 Study of the incidence of postoperative wound infection in Orthopaedics Surgery.
Dr. Aamir Ali 2016 Comparative study of efficacy of nebulised B2 agonist vs nebulised adrenaline in bronchiolitis.
Dr. Mohammad Taqui Imam 2016 Correlation of CRP and Blood culture in evaluation of neonatal sepsis.
Dr. Priya Singh 2017 Correlation of neonatal birth weight, crown heel length, head circumference, chest circumference and foot length with the gestational age calculated by New Ballard Score, in a tertiary care hospital of eastern Bihar
Dr. Niharika Nitya 2017 Early detection of neonatal sepsis by using pulse oximetry in asymptomatic babies in a tertiary care hospital in eastern Bihar.
Dr. Asif Iqubal 2018 Prevalence of anemia in adolescent girl in Katihar District.
Dr. Aromita Deb 2019 Correlation of cord blood hemoglobin with maternal hemoglobin in a tertiary care centre in Katihar
Dr. Md Habibul 2019 Prevalence of Obesity, Overweight and Underweight in Adolescent Girl of Katihar Urban along with Dietary and physical activity factor Associated with them.
Dr. Gupta Bhushan Devendrakumar 2019 Prevalence of Sub-clinical AKI and Determining its age and sex related distribution pattern in adolescent of Katihar Urban
Dr. Preety Singh 2016 Cytological evaluation of prognostic parameters in carcinoma breast.
Dr. DivyaJyoti, Jr. Resident 2014 Clinicopathological correlation of FNAC with histopathology in peripheral lymphadenopathy
Dr. Ragini Kumari, Jr. Resident 2015 Oral Cytology in Tobacco chewer attending in Katihar Medical College & Hospital outdoor.
Dr. Baby Kumari 2019 Significance of Eosinophils in the Diagnosis of Hashimoto's Thyroiditis and its Cytomorphological Spectrum.
Dr. Saima Aziz 2019 “A Histopathological study of Neoplastic and Non- Neoplastic Diseases of Gall Bladder with Mucin Histochemistry”.
Dr. Amit Kumar 2016 Evaluation of wound healing activity of bombax ceiba extracts in different wound healing models using albino rats .
Dr. Salman Shamim 2016 To study the nephroprotective effect of extracts of aloe barbadensis,bergenia ligulata and dolichos biflorus against drug inducesd nephrotoxicity.
Dr. Yasmin S. Rahman 2016 Comparative study of some newer DPP4 inhibitors as combination therapy to metformin/or other oral antidiabetic drug in patients of type II diabetes mellitus.
Dr. Swadesh Deepak, Jr. Resident 2013 A study on association between Rheumatic heart disease and ABO blood group
Dr. Nishi Kant, Jr. Resident 2014 A study of Pulmonary Function Test and Lipid Profile in Asympttomatic Smokers
Dr. Rajiv Ranjan, Jr. Resident 2015 A study on the Correlation of serum uric acid and dyslipidemia with glycaemic status in type 2 diabetes mellitus
Dr. Raginee Singh 2017 Assessment of Psychological morbidity in mothers of infants admitted in neonatal intensive care unit.
Dr. Anjana Kumari 2019 Prevalence of Metabolic Parameter and its clinical Correlates in Bipolar disorder : A cross sectional study.
Dr. Saif Rahman 2016 Evaluation of role of MRCP in pancreaticobiliary disease
Dr.Shikha Rani 2016 Role of multi detector computed tomography as prime imaging modality in evaluation of acute pancreatitis.
Dr. Shambhavi 2016 MDCT Evaluation of lesions of paranasal sinuses.
Dr. Anuggya Mimansa 2017 Ultrasonography in the evaluation of thyroid nodule & its corelation with FNAC & histopathological examination.
Dr. Himanshu Kumar Jaiswal 2017 Roll of multidetector computed Tomography in evaluation of focal liver lesions.
Dr. Raunak Sinha 2018 Evaluation of focal breast lesions using USG Elastography.
Dr. Shashank Saurav 2018 Role of Ultrasound and MRI in the evaluation of musculotendinous pathologies of shoulder joint.
Dr. Zafar Ali 2018 Multidetector computed Tomography Evaluation of neck lesions.
Dr. Kunal Singh 2019 High frequency USG and Colour Doppler USG in scrotal swelling
Dr. Manish Gupta 2019 Comparison of Diagnostic efficacy of USG and MRCP in Obstructive Jaundice.
Dr. Sohini Shah 2019 Mammography and Sonographic evaluation of Palpable breast masses.