• The graduate medical curriculum is oriented towards training students to undertake the responsibilities of a Physician of first contact who is capable of looking after the preventive, promotive, curative and rehabilitative aspects of medicine.
  • The academic year is divided into two semesters, each of six months’ duration. A semester consists of about 120 teaching days of 8 hours each during college working time, including one hour of lunch.
  • Four examinations, conducted by Al-Karim University, Katihar, Bihar, India are held. They are called the first, second and third professional M.B.B.S. examinations, the latter being divided into Part-I & II. In each of the subjects, a candidate must obtain 50% in aggregate with a minimum of 50% in theory including oral and a minimum of 50% in practical.
  • Passing the 1st Professional M.B.B.S. examination is mandatory before proceeding on to the next phase of the training. Each subsequent professional examination, however, the student is allowed to the next phase of study.
  • Internal Assessment: Internal assessment comprise approximately of 20& of the total marks in a subject. To be eligible to appear for a University examination, the candidate should have obtained minimum 35% marks in internal assessment.
  • Attendance: Students must attend 75% of classes in the subject (including non-lecture teaching i.e. seminars, group discussions, tutorials, demonstrations, practicals, hospital (Tertiary, Secondary, Primary posting and bed side clinics etc.)) held in the college to be eligible to appear for a University Examination.



Phase Duration Subjects for examination Subjects for new elements of teaching
1st Professional phase(1+12+1= 14 Months) 1 Month FOUNDATION COURSE
12 Months Anatomy (2 Papers)
Physiology (2 Papers)
Bio- Chemistry (2 Papers)
  • Human Anatomy, Physiology & Biochemistry
  • Introduction to Community Medicine, Humanities
  • Early Clinical Exposure Attitude, Ethics, and Communication Module (AETCOM)
1 Month First Professional Examination & publication of result
2nd Professional phase(11+1=12 Months) 11 Months Pathology (2 papers)
Pharmacology (2 papers)
Microbiology (2 Papers)
  • Pathology, Microbiology, Pharmacology, Forensic Medicine and Toxicology,
  • Introduction to clinical subjects including Community Medicine
  • Clinical postings
  • Attitude, Ethics & Communication Module (AETCOM)
1 Month 2nd Professional Examination & publication of result
3rd professional phase part 1(12+1= 13 Months) 12 Months Community Medicine (2papers) Forensic Medicine & Toxicology (1Paper)
Ophthalmology (1 Paper)
Otorhinolaryngology(1 Paper)
  • General Medicine, General Surgery, Obstetrics & Gynecology, Pediatrics, Orthopedics, Dermatology, Psychiatry, Otorhinolaryngology, Ophthalmology, Community Medicine, Forensic Medicine and Toxicology, Respiratory medicine, Radiodiagnosis & Radiotherapy, Anesthesiology
  • Clinical subjects /postings
  • Attitude, Ethics & Communication Module (AETCOM)
1 Month 3rd Professional Phase part I Examination & publication of result
Electives 2 Months ELECTIVES
3 ProfessionalPhase part II (12+1= 13 Months) 12 Months Medicine (2 Papers)Surgery (2 Papers)Obstetrics & Gynaecology(2 Papers)Paediatrics (1 Paper)
  • General Medicine, Pediatrics, General Surgery, Orthopedics, Obstetrics and Gynecology including Family welfare and allied specialties
  • Clinical postings/subjects
  • Attitude, Ethics & Communication Module (AETCOM)
1 Month 3 Professional phase part II Examination & publication of result
From the third to ninth semester, clinical postings in different departments for three hours duration daily is made.